Microsoft boosts marketing spend


Windows Mobile is to spend 40 per cent more on marketing this year than last year for the launch of its new brand, Windows phone.

Microsoft UK director of mobile business Alex Reeve said it will sponsor events for the first time and hinted that it will be sponsoring the London Film Festival this year.

Reeve said Windows phone devices will be pitched to consumers wanting to use their mobile for both work and social activities.

“We are changing our strategy by targeting a niche that no one else is pitching to,” said Reeve.

“We are training our partners’ staff so that they know what’s happening with us and so that they can sell in the right way.

“The smartphone market is growing fast and in the consumer space this is happening even more rapidly, which is why we’re targeting consumers.”

Reeve said it will continue to distribute its handsets to the mobile channel as it is best placed to sell the products, rather than through non-traditional retailers.

“In terms of product distribution, we will stay close to our existing partners. We work with four operators and two retailers. That’s more than enough for us. They’re the traditional sellers and know exactly how to pitch our devices to the end user,” he said.