Re-Tales: Deal makers (05/10/09)



The Samsung Tocco Lite is available on Orange’s Racoon 30 price plan costing £30 per month on an 18-month contract. It comes with 400 minutes and 300 texts. The deal is half price for the duration of the contract by £270 redemption. The Tocco (S5230) has a three-inch touchscreen, accelerometer, 3.2 megapixel camera and handwriting recognition. Another Samsung/Orange o  er is with the J700 on Dolphin 30 at £30 per month on an 18-month contract. It comes with 400 minutes, 3,000 texts and £200 automatic cashback. The handset has a 1.3 megapixel camera, MPEG-4 and MP3 player, GPRS and Bluetooth.


The Nokia 2680 in blue is available on an O2 24-month contract. For £30 per month customers get unlimited texts and 600 minutes. A free Sony PlayStation 3 is bundled in for good measure. The pretty basic phone has Bluetooth and FM radio. It also has the BlackBerry Curve 8520 in violet. It’s available on an 18-month contract on Orange Racoon £30 with a £5 BlackBerry bolt on with 500 texts, 600 minutes and unlimited landline minutes.


A £20 HMV voucher is given to students who get any Samsung phone on a 18 or 24-month contract. Included in this deal is the Samsung Jet which sports a five-megapixel camera, LED flash and 3.1 inch AMOLED screen. On prepay, there’s an online exclusive with the Samsung S5600 priced at £119. It has a MP3 player, 3.15 megapixel camera and TFT touchscreen. The deal is available when purchased with a £20 voucher.


The Nokia 5800 Tube is available with 10 months half price on a £35 tariff. The Vodafone Talk 18-month deal comes with 600 minutes and unlimited texts. Customers save £175 over the duration of the contract. It has Comes with Music, a QWERTY keypad and powerful surround speakers. Customers not wanting a lengthy contract, or a phone for that matter, can grab a £10 SIM only deal. The 30-day contract comes with 100 minutes and 500 text messages available online or in store.


T-Mobile has a ‘megadeal’ with 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts for £25 per month. It’s on the Combi 35 24- month contract with either the Nokia 6600i, 5800, Samsung Tocco Lite or N79. Customers on prepay can get “free texts for life” when topping up £10 per month. With the deal, customers can also pick up a touchscreen mobile for 20 per cent cheaper than the standard price. For example, the Nokia 5800 is now £195.23 or the T-Mobile Vairy Touch is £39.13.


On T-Mobile Combi 30 with internet on a 12-month contract, the Nokia 6700 classic is free. Customers pay £35 per month for 300 minutes and 200 texts with 1GB internet download allowance. The offer comes with £70 cashback, reducing the monthly spend to £29.17 per month. The Nokia 6700 has a five-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Windows Live Messenger and an MP3 player.


On prepay, the ZTE F102 Silver is priced at £34.99. It has free Skype to-Skype calls, a ‘switcher’ key to access applications and a two-megapixel camera. On contract, the Sony Ericsson W595 is now £13.50 down from £18 on an 18-month contract each month. It comes with 500 minutes or texts. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera, YouTube preinstalled and a 2GB M2 memory card.