New Omnias come with app store


Samsung has announced that its application store will now be pre-installed on all new Omnia II and Omnia Lite handsets being shipped to the UK.

Customers will be able to purchase items using a credit card, with additional billing options to be added later this year.

Well-known applications available at launch include Guitar Hero, Spiderman, Need for Speed and skin. Publishers such as Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Handmark, CrazySoft Limited, Paragon SW, Com2us, Prompt, and Diotek are among those working with Samsung to develop its application store.

From the end of October, Omnia II users will also be able to use the new Multistage PC software which allows users to search and download applications directly from their PC. Applications downloaded using Multistage will be installed onto the device when synched with the PC, providing instant back up for all application downloads.