Cutting Room: A dealers’ exit


DM Telecom’s Dino Maroudias (pictured) once turned up to a dealer conference in a black shirt emblazoned with ‘Get rich or die trying’ in gold letters across its back.

He has been one of the dealer channel’s great characters for a decade, and a ready source of constructive criticism and banter at sales meetings.

It is a shame for the market in many ways he is ready to sell the family business – one he ran out of his home for many years, flanked by his wife and brother. 

Although worn with humour, the message on his shirt five years ago is relevant to his decision to sell up now. 

Ill health (his brother donated a kidney to him when his failed) has seen him take a back seat over the past two years, just as the recession has bitten and market maturation has peaked – when any dealership would require his spirit and drive.

DM Telecom, despite its troubles, was philosophically sound and had real heart – as old Yes staff, who once saw him arrive in Didsbury for a routine business meeting with all the Maroudias brood, will attest.

Sadly, the mobile industry waits for no one.