80pc Q2 BlackBerrys to consumers


BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) said 80 per cent of new customers in the second quarter of its financial year were consumers.

It said it will continue to pitch to both consumers and businesses with the launch of the Storm2 which is exclusive to Vodafone and available from October 26.

RIM senior director for product management for EMEA Rob Orr told Mobile News RIM anticipates similar sales volumes for the Storm2 as it did with the predecessor.

“The reason why we rolled out the Storm2 so soon after the Storm is because customers want evolution in their product,” he said.

“We created a device that you can build on in the future with the Storm. The chipset in the first Storm did not allow for Wi-Fi, where as the Storm2 does.

“It’s about giving the customer choice. We launched the entry-level BlackBerry 8520 and have now announced another product soon after. We want to have a range of different hardwares available in the market to attract different segments.”

RIM would not disclose its roadmap for 2010, but hinted that it will make a similar move as new entrant in the smartphone market, Acer, by developing a wide product portfolio to attract more customers.