Dealer Sales Corner: Wire 3 FMC product


Wire 3 is pitched to SMEs of up to 20 staff and allows businesses to combine a private network with VoIP, deployed in an office instead of an office phone system.

The whole office then becomes a private network and the cost savings are equivalent to those achieved through a VoIP service.

Installation of the base station in an office takes five minutes. Mobiles can then be connected easily. Deskphones, IP phones and softphones are also compatible.

Dealers can sell our GSM deskphones, which have an embedded SIM, allowing them to run on the private network as well.

The G-120 GSM deskphone is the entry-level phone with basic features. Users can access voicemails from any of the devices.

When the customer is out of the office and using their mobile phone, they can connect to the private network via a Wi-Fi connection and access the network through the internet. Wire 3 is simple to sell and easy to install, and all stock is held by us, so there’s no problems of stock shortages or space limitations.

All products are subsidised and tariffs range from £11.99 to £18.99 per month, providing dealers with the net margin. If a customer signs to a three or five year contract, dealers will receive ongoing revenue for calls made.

Commission is similar to that of a mobile connection through Daisy. Dealers who sell the product must be accredited, which involves training and certification. They can then purchase an entry-level demo pack allowing them to demonstrate the products.

Dealer partners are segmented into four categories – business agents, dealers, partners and excellence partners The level depends on how many connections a dealer makes in a year.

We work exclusively with Daisy and Wire 3 can be combined with Daisy’s mobile offering, so if a dealer connects Wire 3 with a mobile connection on Vodafone or O2, they will also gain commission for that.