Mainline in new dealer incentive


Mainline has launched ‘3G Grand Prix’, a new incentive to coincide with Orange’s three months free unlimited broadband promotion, Business Everywhere.

The incentive is designed to raise interest from dealers by giving them the opportunity to win prizes and earn additional revenue.

Until December 31, new customers signing up to Business Everywhere Unlimited – a mobile broadband offer from Orange – will get the first three months free, with every connection earning dealers 10 points for the 3G Grand Prix competition.

Prizes include a Formula 1 driving experience, a weekend in Monaco, the chance to drive a Ferrari and a powerboat ride.

Mainline director of dealer sales Gail Hollinshead (pictured) said: “The 3G Grand Prix and Business Everywhere promotions offer our dealers generous margins and the chance of winning a great prize. This is an excellent revenue generating opportunity for them, which will help to drive sales and put them miles ahead of the competition.”