Home Truths: New adventures in sales


Lesson #5: “I’d like to tell you something”

A wise man once told me he was going to tell me that there was a simple formula for getting your point across. He then told me that simple formula for getting your point across.

Afterwards he reminded me that he had just told me a simple formula for getting your point across.

Clear? Then we shall begin…

In case you hadn’t noticed traditional mobile airtime is now a commodity. In the developed world almost everybody understands how it works and what it costs. In the 1980s you were a weird yuppie if you had a phone; in the noughties you’re a social misfit if you don’t. I bet lots of kids today text better than they eat.

It can now be bought in supermarkets along with other commodities like bread, milk and this week’s Jade Goody book. Where bored shop assistants used to robotically offer us cashback, they now robotically offer us a mobile top-up instead.

On the other hand emerging unified communication products and services are not universally understood. They appear, and in the main still are, complex and confusing.

Most are sceptical of any new technology and if we were honest, we’re all scared of change.

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