Sharp End: New iPhone cracks


iPhone unlocking continues

There are a couple more software jailbreak solutions available for iPhone and iPods this week. They are ‘blackra1n’ and ‘appuloha1l’.

The blackra1n solution is from hacker Geohot and will, in less than a minute, jailbreak even the latest version iPhones and iPods.

Note however this solution is only a jailbreak meaning it allows for unofficial third party applications to be loaded.

This solution will not currently unlock the latest iPhone and iPod Touches as currently the new baseband cannot be downgraded.

As for appuloha1l, this solution is from previously unheard of hackers and promised full unlock and jailbreak of all versions of iPhones and iPods within seconds.

I say “promised” as it now appears after the actual release of appullha1l the software appears to be nothing more than an application that will transfer a hoax pop video to the device.

Luckily I discovered this before having to explain to customers why there is a embarassing 1980s Rick Astley video on their handset.

Orange wants your business customers to go to Fed dealers

The October/November issue of Orange’s retail brochure shows a full page ad advising customers (my customers) that Orange Business Specialist Partners give the best business advice on phones and talk plans to suit their business.

That’s nice (not) of Orange to tell my customers (and yours) to go somewhere else for the best business advise. “So talk to an Orange Business Specialist Partner today and get your business going”.  The ad goes on to direct customers to a specific website to find their nearest specialist. Thanks Orange.

Full article in Mobile News issue 450 (October 19, 2009).

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