Voda Ireland takes lead on climate


Vodafone Ireland chief executive Charles Butterworth (pictured) was among the Irish Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change members that presented a list of recommendations to Irish prime minister Brian Cowen last month to help climate change.

The 12-member group is an initiative of Vodafone, Business in the Community Ireland and Friends of the Earth.

It was launched to influence government climate change policy and position Ireland as a low climate risk economy. 

The group’s representatives drew on the experience of similar groups in the UK and other countries such as Japan and Germany.

After a six month collaboration period, the Irish Corporate Leaders Group developed a report on climate change policy, calling on the government to implement science-based targets and a tough climate change law.

The group called on the government to: adopt, advocate and support science as the primary driver of climate policy, develop a long term policy framework to provide certainty to businesses, position Ireland as a world leader in smart green enterprise and prioritise education and research to build a low-carbon economy.

Speaking on behalf of the business leaders, Butterworth said: “Vodafone has a progressive environmental strategy to reduce its carbon emissions.

“This is why the Corporate Leaders Group is so important and we at Vodafone are very proud to be involved in bringing this group together from the initial planning stages.

“Corporate Ireland has a responsibility in tackling climate change and must take a leadership role in policy development. We are ready to work with the government to position Ireland as a world leading low carbon economy.”