Vodafone halves store staff churn


Vodafone’s annual shop staff churn rate has halved to 20 per cent since introducing a series of initiatives to improve customer service.

Its improvement has also been reflected in Mobile News Mystery Shopper,  which has seen Vodafone perform consistently well in the past quarter.

Retail initiatives introduced include National Vocational Qualification certificates for staff, realignment of staff performance indicators to prioritise customer service, and the introduction of specialist business advisors.

Vodafone head of retail Terry O’Brien told Mobile News: “The churn rate of our retail staff has reduced significantly. At one point it was about 40 per cent per year, and we found it very difficult to improve customer service if we were always retraining.

“With our new philosophy of training, motivating and rewarding staff, we are losing less people because their careers can progress and they are rewarded financially for their strong performance. The churn rate has dropped to around 20 per cent over the past 12 to 16 months, which has made a huge contribution to improving our level of customer service.”