Barclay ranked in Deloitte Fast 50


Belfast-based B2B dealer Barclay Communications has earned a place on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list for the second year in a row.

The award comes as Barclay director Adrian McCourt has announced an “aggressive” five year business plan to grow turnover from £11 million last year to £70 million.

Said McCourt: “We have not and will not stand still and wait for a more stable economy to arrive. We are acting now with an aggressive five-year business plan that could give us a £70 million turnover. The plan evolves around some strategic partnerships, acquisitions and the development of more converged products and applications.”

The Deloitte award lists the O2 Centre of Excellence Partner as the 19th of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Ireland. Deloitte determines its award winners by reviewing a company’s turnover within a five year period.

Said McCourt: “We are delighted to be listed for the second year in a row, especially in a year when the economy has been so unpredictable. This is a tremendous achievement, which is down to our staff’s continued ability to hit those high numbers.”

Within 2009, Barclay increased its employee count from 90 to 160 and created new departments for IT services and technical support departments. The company has also developed new SMS and email marketing technology.

In April, Barclay signed a groundbreaking deal with O2 to transfer the management of the network’s Northern Ireland SME clients over to Barclay. The deal stands to add an additional £16 million to Barclay’s annual turnover.

The company is also gaining traction with its Barclay Telecom offer, which includes free landline to mobile and free mobile to landline calls. McCourt hinted that this offer “gives the industry some insight into the innovative offers and technology that will be delivered by the company within the next few years”.