Samsung opens app contest


Samsung has opened a Global Developer Contest to generate innovative new applications for the company’s smartphones.

The contest, which opened on October 23 and runs until December 10, will offer a total of US$333,000 (£200,985) in prize money for developers creating new applications for Samsung handsets. The top two placed competitors will receive US$100,000 (£60,915) each in prize money.

Samsung will choose winning applications by the end of December with the winning apps being made available for download, either paid or for free, on the Samsung Application Store site.

Winners will also be able to maintain a continuous partnership with Samsung through a range of future opportunities, such as participating in the manufacturer’s mobile programmer support program. This contest is for the Omnia II (I800) and is open for applications in English and Italian.

Samsung said that following the launch of its application store in selected countries in September, the contest aims to drive interest among developers and attract new applications to strengthen the content available for Samsung phones.

Samsung Media Solution Centre executive vice president Hosoo Lee said: “Through their active participation, Samsung hopes this contest will offer many opportunities to application developers. We want them to be able to profit from their work, while at the same time giving our consumers a rich variety of applications to customize their phones. Samsung will to continue to host many exciting events to further develop the Samsung Application Store.”