Olive cancels 3 distributor deal


Olive communications expects to double its Vodafone connections to 1,000 per month within six months after ending its airtime distribution deal with 3.

B2B dealer Olive Communications was awarded a 3 licence to supply and distribute airtime and handsets for 3 in December 2008, managing a number of 3 resellers. But after one year, Olive has chosen to end its agreement to focus on increasing its Vodafone base through Yes Telecom.

Olive managing director Mark Geraghty (pictured) said the business is currently achieving around 500 new connections on Vodafone per month but expects this to rise to 800-1,000 over the next six months.

Geraghty also confirmed Olive will continue to have a direct relationship connecting customers to 3.

The business recently paid £200,000 for Luton based DM Telecom, acquiring around 3,500 Vodafone connectionsin the process, increasing its overall customer base to around 24,000.

Geraghty said: “We will still continue to connect customers to 3 and 3 remains a key part of our business. But our main focus is continuing to build our base through Yes Telecom.”