Paul: 3 B2B dealer changes


There are two changes in particular that have got up their noses. The first is the reduction in upgrades commission by between £40-£70. The second is scrapping the line rental discounts on 18-month and 24-month business contracts; which made them attractive in the first place.

All of which makes it harder for dealers to retain consumer and harder for them to sign new businesses. Where’s 3’s focus, again?

With all the other changes that have hit 3 dealers this month – to maximum number of users on sharer tariffs, eradication of 12-month contracts, reduction in Business 900 pay – you’re left wondering what there is left for them to offer on 3.

The problem for most dealers over the past three years has been the contradictory and non-committal behaviour by the networks, with them all slowly withdrawing from the dealer market.

The concern is that this is the start of 3’s long withdrawal also.