Gamma promotes vertical markets


Gamma instructed business dealers at a partner roadshow in London last month to pitch its mobile broadband offering to certain vertical markets.

The construction industry, disaster recovery agencies, business commuters and holidaymakers to the UK, field workers, the education sector and burgeoning M2M market all represent significant growth areas for Gamma’s mobile broadband offering, run off its MVNO with network 3.

Gamma mobile specialist Roan Pratt said: “These verticals can easily be tapped. The construction market is small but it’s growing. Mobile broadband is an ideal short-term solution for builders to use while on the building site.

“The same can be said of mobile workers. Mobile broadband is a viable solution for disaster recovery, when a fixed-line connection goes down.

“The Digital Britain report has stated that it will provide education centres with internet access, so dealers can provide mobile broadband as a complementary service.

“The travel sector is another area where mobile broadband fits. One Gamma reseller sells 400 mobile connections a month to people coming to the UK on a short-term basis.

“Lastly, a Government directive states there will be 30 million smart meters embedded with SIM cards in the UK. As this sector grows, there is a viable market for dealers to pitch to.”

Network operators are preferring the dealer market to sell SME solutions to vertical markets, as they tend to take the mass-market consumer sales and corporate business for themselves.


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