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Windows Phone mailbox for smaller companies

Mobile business solutions provider Cortado now offers the Hosted Exchange for Windows Phone mailbox package for new Windows Phones with Windows Mobile 6.5 operating systems, as well as for older smartphones using Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.

Using the smartphoneoptimised website www.cortado. mobi/winphone, it is now possible to set up a mailbox directly with the mobile device and receive emails in real time.

An exchange server is not required, making Hosted Exchange for Windows Phone ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs and smaller companies.

The mailbox has 2GB storage and allows for the continued use of a user’s original email address. Cortado Hosted Exchange can be tested free of charge for 30 days, before purchasing a licence at a cost of €9.98 per month.

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Sipera offers smartphone security solution

Sipera’s smartphone security solution allows users to use VoIP applications on mobile devices with complete security and privacy.

With the increase in smartphone use, communication applications have been introduced to enable cheap calls to be made via Wi-Fi. However, according to Sipera, these applications do not natively integrate into the enterprise security infrastructure, making it difficult for communications security managers to ensure privacy, data integrity, and other critical security requirements.

So, employees are using unauthorised VoIP applications, exposing themselves information security risks.

Sipera’s solution claims to be the first to feature card authentication for accessing enterprise resources. This gives enterprises peace of mind to extend VoIP applications to staff while ensuring privacy and security. The application can enable office phone functionality on smartphones, such as interoffice extension dialing.

Handy Phoneguard protects S60 smartphones

Handy Phoneguard is a smartphone protection solution that allows a handset’s data to be locked or completely wiped to prevent unauthorised access and use, as well as sending SMS notifications with the new phone number in case the phone becomes stolen or lost, and sensitive data falls into the wrong hands.

Handy Phoneguard allows users to configure an S60 smartphone to automatically lock after a certain period of time. To eliminate risks of unauthorised data use, the application stores selected folders such as calendar, contacts, log, messages, photos, etcetera, under password protection.

The owner can block any access to applications or folders by sending a “LOCK” command, as well as completely wipe the data by texting “WIPE”. Handy Phoneguard is available for €14.95 via download from and

Find property with Property Near Me

Useable via the iPhone web browser, shows a user what properties are for sale or for rent around your current geographical position using location aware technology built into the iPhone.

The application is webbased which means users do not have to download the app from Apple’s App Store. The application draws in aggregated listings from major property portals in the UK and Europe. has been developed by mobile developers Internetics. Internetics director Clive France said: “The application is a dream for property hunters. I was driving through an area a few months ago, liked it and thought how useful if I could simply click a button on my iPhone and see what property was for sale.”

As Property Near Me is free, there are no reseller commissions however it is a handy, useful app to recommend to customers.

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