T-Mobile launches Q4 promo


T-Mobile has launched a new offer for prepay customers, which it will gain 100,000 new prepay customers from, in addition to the usual increase in sales during Q4, Mobile News understands.

The offer includes unlimited texts and mobile internet when topping up £10 or more credit each month and is available for new and existing customers which previously received the ‘free texts for life’ promotion.

The offer runs until January 31 next year and may relaunch if successful.

T-Mobile head of prepay propositions Ben Fritsch told Mobile News: “This is a key time for prepay sales.

“Most customers buy prepay handsets in the second half of the year so it’s really important we support our stores and support users who want to use the web on prepay.

“We want to make internet usage affordable for prepay customers and have done so with this promotion.”

The offer coincides with the launch of the first prepay Android device, the T-Mobile Pulse. Fritsch said the handset will be a key driver for footfall and sales during the Christmas period.

“The T-Mobile Pulse is an important handset for us. We must bring applications and Android devices to prepay customers. The handset will give as an edge because we’re the first to offer an Android phone on prepay,” said Fritsch.

“It positions us very well for the Christmas period.

T-Mobile head of prepay marketing Helen Wylde added: “We know how much our customers love surfing the web on their mobiles so we’re incorporating the benefit of free internet into our unlimited free texts for life reward.

“Originally our unlimited free texts for life offer was available for two months, but it’s been so well received we’re extending and enhancing it.”