The attack of the Androids


Google’s Android platform is a year old, and its deployment on mobile handsets next year will be commonplace. It appears to make manufacturers look good. Taiwanese maker HTC, responsible for the Android’s debut handset, the T-Mobile G1, has gained real momentum in its portfolio from the platform.

And suddenly every manufacturer is readying Android models for a 2010 splurge, with Samsung and Motorola in an end-of-year flurry and LG and Sony Ericsson to make major statements in the first quarter.

The already buoyant among them are looking to Android as a way to share in the buzz of new mobile applications, and the long-time deflated are looking to it as a way out of the doldrums.

The industry has finally declared that the mobile internet revolution is here (see Speakers’ Corner, Mobile News issue 451), and a major reason for this appears to be the ground broken by the Apple iPhone, but also by Google’s Android.

The everyman Android system will likely ensure Apple’s elitist message about the mobile internet spreads to the masses.

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt sent out a bullish message during a conference call for the company’s Q3 financials: “Android adoption is literally about to explode. You have all the necessary conditions – vendors, distribution, and so forth.”

Full article in Mobile News issue 451 (out November 2, 2009).

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