Window Shopping (19/10/09)


Carphone Warehouse
Carphone goes large on the 12-megapixel Sony Ericsson Satio, which obviously doesn’t have the same resonance now that the Samsung Pixon12 has been out for quite a while now. The new Windows phone (as advertised on TV with Twitter and Facebook cuddly toy icons) makes its first appearance on Samsung in Carphone this weekend. The software runs on selected HTC and LG phones also.

Phones 4U
The Samsung Genio gets off to a flying start in Phones 4U this weekend, tipping itself as your social life’s ‘new best friend’. The Sony Ericsson Aino maintains its voice from last week, celebrating girls in hotpants on spacehoppers.

The Genio makes a guest appearance in Vodafone windows as a prepay phone while the LG GM750 goes out in the same windows in Vodafone as an exclusive ‘iPhone killer’, free on £25 a month contracts.

Not many changes in O2 as the wait for the messianic Palm Pre continues.  There are a few random house ads for social networking nuts, which tout Twitter, Facebook and Bebo all at once in an abstract, prepay £15 top-up ad.

BlackBerry teams up the 8520 Curve with the Pearl on prepay to increase its voice, in-store, from 50 per cent last week to 72 per cent this week. The funky Monkey prepay tariff offers free music and texts on any prepay phone on low-tier Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones.

Nokia products wiped off the boards as Samsung moves in for the kill with the Tocco Lite as an nearly Christmas reminder. Samsung seems to be controlling the pricing on the Tocco Lite with it going out for the same price (£88.08p) in T-Mobile and O2 stores, simultaneously.

Three spends some cash at the brand communications agency and has produced some new creative, which blasts out ads for the tier two INQ Mini 3G for £59.99 on prepay. It boasts Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Windows Live Messenger, appealing to a younger, budget-focused crowd.