Orange, T-Mobile recycle schemes


Both Orange and T-Mobile have launched new recycling initiatives.

Orange has launched a ‘Recycle & Reward’ scheme for customers to recycle their old mobiles, laptops and personal music players in Orange stores in exchange for cash.

The scheme is available to any member of the public at any time in all UK Orange stores. The company said it was part of its commitment to becoming a greener business.

Recycle & Reward enables customers to find out the monetary value of their old electronic goods straight away in UK stores, and the money is sent to the customer by cheque within around seven days.

Orange offers a range of cash rewards depending on the particular device and its condition.  For example, consumers can receive up to £85 when recycling a Nokia N95, £75 for a Sony Ericsson C905 and £95 for a Samsung SCH 900.  Orange will also recycle electronic devices and accessories with no monetary value.

The network has also launched a new Copy and Keep service to enable customers to transfer essential contacts, music, and photos in all Orange retail stores. Orange said it would make it easier for people to recycle old handsets through the Recycle and Reward scheme.

The Copy and Keep service is available free to all Orange Care customers or at a fee of £6.  

Orange head of Care products Paul French said: “At Orange, we’ve made some significant strides recently in reducing the environmental impact of our business. For instance, 80 per cent of our electricity now comes from renewable sources while in July we introduced the mini-SIM to reduce the amount of waste associated with new SIM cards.  Recycle & Reward is just another small step, for us as a business and for the public, in our journey towards greener, more sustainable practices.”

Meanwhile, T-Mobile has launched a mobile recycling application, ‘Recycle Guide’, which allows users to find out what they can recycle as well as locating their nearest recycling points.

T-Mobile collaborated with Valpak Limited, a scheme which helps over 3,000 large and small UK businesses to comply with recycling legislation, to develop the application.

In addition to letting users know where they can recycle standard household items, T-Mobile’s application offers advice on how to recycle more unusual items such as mobile phones and Christmas trees. Users can also receive tips on how to recycle, links to useful recycling websites and can keep track of what they have recycled.

The Android version of the Recycle Guide allows users can pledge to recycle certain amounts of waste and can then share their promises with friends. T-Mobile customers can text RECYCLE to 80988 to receive a text message link to download the application if the phone is compatible.

T-Mobile corporate responsibility manager Fiona Cameron said: “Although national recycling rates are on the rise, thousands of potentially recyclable materials still get thrown away every day purely because people don’t know where the nearest recycling point is. 

“We’ve harnessed the latest mobile technology in partnership with Valpak to make it easier for people to find out what they can recycle and where, saving them time and money – on top of doing their bit for the environment.”