EC confirms telecoms reform


The European Commission has made its final decisions on the proposed telecoms regulation package for 2010.

The changes will include the introduction of “BEREC”, a pan-European “super-regulator” as well as legislation designed to encourage faster number porting, broadband service expansion across Europe and greater customer privacy rights.

The agreed reforms to the telecoms package have been made to increase consumer choice and to guarantee more neutrality and access for internet and telecoms users across Europe, the European Commission said.

The new European Telecoms Authority “BEREC” (body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) will work alongside the number of individual bodies that currently exist throughout Europe. This will ensure the EU’s telecommunications rules are applied fairly across all 27 nations to create a more unified telecoms regulation across Europe and give national regulators (such as Ofcom) more power to work against anti-competitive behaviour.

There have also been changes made to the legislation in number porting. The EC is pushing for consumers to have the right to change, in one working day, their fixed or mobile operator while keeping their old phone number.

Other amendments include access to improved information to customers, minimum quality levels for network transmission services and the extension of access to emergency services to VOIP technologies.

Following final votes in November, these reforms could come into force in early 2010. The reforms are set to become national law in each of the 27 member nations by May 2011.