New Gamma data bundles


Gamma is to launch data bundles to enable its business partners to sell mobile broadband deals to their customers.

Gamma will offer a 1GB data allowance at a wholesale price of £7.50. Out of bundle usage will cost 5p per MB.

The data bundle is a one-month rolling contract with Gamma and can be sold on to the end user as a long-term contract if required.

Gamma will not be providing the mobile broadband dongles, but said it will provide dealers interested in the service with a list of preferred distributors. 3 branded dongles are compatible.

Gamma senior product manager for mobility services Rob Davis (pictured) said: “We don’t ask dealers to commit to ARPU or volume targets and have made the data bundles a one-month contract allowing them to sell it on however they wish.

“Our revenue share is between 30 to 59 per cent whereas Vodafone offers 47 per cent.”