Nokia issues charger recall


Nokia has issued a product recall on chargers made by Chinese third party supplier BYD.

However the company said the news would not impact UK customers. “None of the specific models of chargers within the scope of this program have been sold domestically in United Kingdom,” the company said. It added that the charger recall only applied to a limited number of chargers of certain models and these models have different plugs and pins than those used in the UK.

It is estimated that around 14 million chargers worldwide are affected. If a customer has bought a charger in another country and wants to check if their chargers are affected by the recall, they can visit
Nokia is offering a free replacement charger for those affected.  

The company said that during a routine quality control process, it identified a problem with particular chargers made by BYD. The chargers, which may have been sold with a handset or as a separate accessory, have plastic covers which could come loose and fall off, exposing the charger’s internal components and potentially posing an electrical shock hazard to the user. Nokia said it was not aware of any incidents or injuries related to these chargers.

The chargers affected are the AC-3E and AC-3U models, manufactured between June 15, 2009 and August 9, 2009; and the AC-4U model, manufactured between April 13, 2009 and October 25, 2009.

Nokia said chargers manufactured outside of these dates, or manufactured by other suppliers, were not affected.

Nokia said in a statement: “While we are not aware of any incidents or injuries related to the affected chargers, as a precautionary measure, we will exchange affected charger models free-of-charge.

“The reliability and quality of our products is Nokia’s top priority. If you have confirmed that your charger is eligible to be replaced, we advise that you stop using it, and seek a free replacement charger.

An exchange program has been arranged for all markets in which affected chargers have been sold. To minimise inconvenience to our customers, the exchange will take place at the country level.”