Samsung launches open platform


Samsung will launch its own open mobile platform, Samsung bada, next month. It will enable developers to create applications for Samsung mobiles, with consumers able to enjoy a diverse mobile experience.

The name ‘bada’, which means ‘ocean’ in Korean, was chosen to convey the limitless variety of potential applications that can be created using the new platform. It also alludes to Samsung’s commitment to a variety of open platforms in the mobile industry.

The handset manufacturer said that based on its experience in developing previous proprietary platforms on Samsung mobiles, it is able to create the new platform and provide opportunities for developers.

Samsung claimed that bada is easy for developers to use, making it one of the most developer-friendly environments available, particularly in the area of applications using web services. It added that bada’s user interface can be transferred into a sophisticated and attractive UI design for developers.

Samsung executive vice president and head of media solution centre Dr. Hosoo Lee said: “By opening Samsung’s mobile platforms we will be able to provide rich mobile experiences on an increasing number of accessible smartphones.

“Bada will be Samsung’s landmark, iconic new platform that brings an unprecedented opportunity for operators, developers and Samsung mobile phone users around the world.”

The official website ( is now open and features a range of information on the platform including updates on product launches, features and event notices. Samsung will also unveil its bada software development kit to developers at an official launch event in London next month.