iPhone to cause dealer sales loss


News that the iPhone will not be reaching the dealer channel in time for Christmas would be a blow to sales, some independent dealers said this week.

Talk Easy proprietor Siya Rahimi said: “It’s extremely disappointing to not be getting the iPhone by Christmas because it could have been the difference between an average and great trading period. The larger retailers will again slash their prices on prepay offerings and leave us trailing. There’s not much we can do.”

The Phone House proprietor Ziggy Ahmed said: “I’m not looking forward to Christmas. The iPhone might have been the saving grace for the dealer channel. Prepay as usual will play some part in the Christmas trading period but the furore around the iPhone is likely to top that.”

However The Phone Shop proprietor Adrian Foot said the handsets that customers will want are at a dealer’s disposal and it’s up to them to be as competitive as possible.

“People will want interactive media phones for under £200. We have to line up for that market,” he said. “Samsung and LG are strong in this area and Nokia is now releasing decent phones in this price bracket. The market has come so far in the past year that you can get full touchscreen LG handsets for up to £80.

“Christmas will be very price driven and customers will be looking for a phone with a five-megapixel camera and high-spec wireless and memory capabilities. BlackBerry has come a long way and the 8520 Curve is now available for under £200, which is a very popular and likeable phone. There’s plenty for dealers to work with.”