O2 boosts Litmus app activity


O2 is marketing its mobile application website Litmus to one million customers in an attempt to increase its membership.

O2 will be sending emails to customers who currently have a smartphone or have used mobile internet.

The service, which launched in the UK in January, will be rolled out across all Telefonica markets and launched in Mexico last week.

Litmus enables developers to create applications which can be downloaded on any handset when a customer accesses the website via their handset.

The Litmus programme currently has 600 applications available and 900 developers in its community. 3,500 O2 customers have signed up for membership which is free, but head of O2 Litmus James Parton said the marketing will help boost the number of subscribers to the service.

“We expect to increase membership on the back of the campaign by targeting specific customers who would use this kind of service,” said Parton.

“We’ve kept quite low key since launch in January. Litmus works as a community for developers to create applications and the best ones are chosen to be part of app stores for a wider reach.”

On November 3, O2 Litmus organised a London event for developers in partnership with Palm. Around 50 developers participated in the event, which was held to explain the benefits of Litmus to developers. Litmus will organise another developer event in the coming months.