Parallel Lines: Pent-up UC demand


There is incredible pent-up demand among small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) for customer relationship management (CRM) technology to be made available on the mobile and hand-held devices which are increasingly becoming ubiquitous tools of business.

Professionals working in small businesses want to obtain access to critical business information in real-time out of the office. This makes it inevitable that there will be a major widespread uptake in the use of business mobility applications among the nation’s SMEs.

It is of paramount importance that resellers stay attuned to the rapid evolution in businesses’ use of technology.

With increasing numbers of people working away from the office and the growth in flexible working times, more and more businesses are finding that they require mobile tools in order to immediately resolve customer enquiries and keep them happy.

Resellers need to recognise these changes and create added value within their client base in order to secure customer loyalty, especially in the current tough economic conditions.

The adoption of mobile CRM into the portfolio of resellers’ products is vital for the retention and development of customers.

Full article in Mobile News issue 451 (November 2, 2009).

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