Paul: 3’s perfectly-pitched B2B play


3 has a new business MVNO strategy, to launch to the market masquerading as other brands.

It is a fair move, with the general market appetite for wholesale growth and also the paucity of its own brand within the business sector.

It is likely, if it gets a chance, 3 will play disruptor for the market with businesses, as it has already with consumers. 

3 is also looking to leverage its store estate to hawk its new business tariffs to SoHo and SME customers. Another sensible move, and one only relatively recently worked through by rivals O2, Vodafone and Orange.

It is tempting to portray 3 as plucky also-ran, but its claim it will have the best network by 2012 is not fanciful.

And its pluckiness got T-Mobile to sit across the table from it to discuss network sharing, and then to drive it home when bureacratic red-tape saw others stumble.

A fleet-of-foot provider for a fleet-of-foot SME market? Sounds fair.