Dealer Sales Corner: Gamma Brand Builder proposition


Brand Builder is pitched at mobile dealers. We give dealers customer ownership and control without the pain of delivering the back office work. It emphasises that even a low ARPU customer is worth signing up because there’s no administration hassle for the dealer. With us, dealers don’t have to worry about hitting ARPU or volume targets either.

We provide the literature and contract preparation in their name as well as the billing and technical support. This means the dealer can focus on selling contracts and building up customers.

The dealer can decide the margin as they can create a bespoke tariff for the end user. So, the commission it earns is up to them. Commission ranges from 25 to 60 per cent of the call revenue and is dished out on an ongoing basis.

It is possible for dealers to receive upfront commission, subject to a credit check. We call this a connection rebate. The dealer must commit to certain revenue over the term of the contract and can use the rebate to subsidise the cost of a handset for the end user if they so wish.

Our offer compares to Vodafone’s business plans, but we offer 10 per cent more minutes for the same price. There is also a prepay option for businesses which is proving to be popular.

We are also looking to add fixed line to the service to combine both mobile and landline usage on one bill. The proposition is ideal for the SME market, which is core to our business.

Having customer ownership is especially important for dealers thinking of selling their business in the future. The more customers a dealership has ownership of, the more value they add to their business, and the more money they get from selling.

Dealers are not beholden to the network and are not under pressure to commit to targets. We are talking to over 50 dealers at the moment. Within the first week of launch, dealers made 40 connections. Demand is increasing and dealers understand the value it adds.