T-Mobile admits huge data breach


T-Mobile has admitted it is at the centre of the Information Commissioner’s Office investigation into a huge data breach involving the sale of private customer data to third parties.

A T-Mobile spokesperson said: “T-Mobile takes the protection of customer information seriously. When it became apparent that contract renewal information was being passed on to third parties without our knowledge, we alerted the Information Commissioner’s Office.

“Working together, we identified the source of the breach which led to the ICO conducting an extensive investigation which we believe we will lead to a prosecution. While it is deeply regrettable that customer information has been misappropriated in this way, we have proactively supported the ICO to help stamp out what is a problem for the whole industry.

“We had been asked before today to keep all information on this case strictly confidential so as to avoid prejudice to the investigation and
prosecution. We were therefore surprised at the way in which these statements were made to the BBC today.”

Millions of records from thousands of customers were obtained and sold by staff within T-Mobile to brokers, who in turn sold the information to distance resellers as customers’ contracts neared expiry.