MPX new ads in line with ASA


Mobile phone recycling company Mobile Phone Xchange (MPX) has released a new television advertising campaign with amended wording after previous ads were found by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to be misleading.

A viewer complained to the ASA after MPX’s original TV ad had stated, “Did you know that you can exchange any unwanted mobile phones for cash at If you have recently upgraded or are about to change your phone, then visit our website to get an instant valuation for your old mobile.”

The viewer complained because MPX would not accept his old phone for exchange, contrary to what the ad had claimed.

MPX admitted to the ASA that it did not offer cash for every single model of phone, but that around 900 handset models were accepted for exchange and so the company was not misleading consumers.

The ASA decreed that the advertisement must not be broadcast again in its current form as it was indeed likely to mislead consumers into thinking any phone could be exchanged.

MPX managing director Geoff Walters said: “The campaign in question was not live at the time. We have started a new campaign that has been reworded. We had made a mistake which we have now fixed.”