Orange disties jump on port bonus


Airtime distributors Mainline and Midland both saw sales jump in October on the back of a £50 porting bonus.

The pair, which Orange owns stakes in, offered B2B dealers an extra £50 commission for porting customers from rival networks on to Orange business tariffs.

The bonus offer has been available since October 1, and runs to the New Year, traditionally a quiet time for business connections.

Midland said sales increased by 100 per cent in October. Mainline said its figures had increased by 15 per cent.

Midland sales manager Peter Liley said: “Connections doubled in October, compared with the previous month. It was predominately driven by B2B sales, which accounted for 90 per cent of total sales in the period, and the changes in commission.”

Liley said he expects sales in November to be even higher than October.
Mainline initially offered a £30 bonus but towards the end of October raised the offer by £20 for new Orange business connections to match Midland. 

Mainline also said new business was up 15 per cent, and upgrades were up by 30 per cent month-on-month.

Mainline managing director Andrew Boden (pictured) said: “October was a very strong month for us, which was further helped by the increase in the porting fee we’re offering our dealers. I can’t see why we can’t repeat the feat this month.”