New O2 MVNO launch next week


New O2-backed MVNO giffgaff will launch on November 25 via It will offer free data to its members for six months while it is in beta mode.

Giffgaff is launching on a viral premise by asking its members to boost its profile in return for free UK mobile calls, texts and mobile internet for a whole year.

The launch campaign is based on a ‘Tool Hire’ concept, whereby a series of marketing tools will be available for ‘free hire’ by the public at  The tools are designed to promote giffgaff in an amusing way, and those who upload videos of themselves using the tools onto YouTube will potentially be rewarded with a free giffgaff SIM.

The Tool Hire videos will also be used virally to support the launch and the five best videos will each receive a cash reward of £5,000 each.

Free mobile internet will be available at launch for approximately six months while the product is in Beta phase. Members can access up to 100MB of free mobile internet per day from the UK. Giffgaff hopes to gain input from its members on the pricing policy for data in the future.

Giffgaff chief executive Mike Fairman said: “Involving customers in a two-way dialogue is at the forefront of what we want to do. We’ve already seen positive engagement with people and great interest in our model.  We’re ‘people powering’ ideas on pricing, internet, fair usage policies and open-source APIs, with some great ideas already.”
Giffgaff hopes to define a new mobile network business model, tapping into existing online behaviour where users create content, suggest new ideas, and support each other with queries on forums or blogs.

The more members get involved the greater the rewards, in either cash, mobile credit, or as a donation to a charity or fundraising group.
Full details on giffgaff’s pricing structure will be released at launch.