Emblaze launches Else phone


Former European Telecom investor Emblaze is in discussions with the UK channel to bring the ‘Else’ Linux-based smartphone to market in Q2 next year.

The Else touchscreen, five megapixel camera device was previewed in London last week.

Else claims that its differentiating factor is the user experience, saying that the usability of the functions such as the GPS and camera as they would on the stand-alone equivalent of the devices.

Users can access content from the device’s media store, with RSS news feeds already integrated.

Multiple applications can run simultaneously. All data and content, such as contacts, appointments, videos and photos can be accessed from any screen, and not just within a single dedicated application. Menus are displayed in a scrolling dial set up.

Israeli company Emblaze’s handset subsidiary, Emblaze Mobile, will also now change its name to Else to reflect an ongoing product range.

An Else spokesman said: “We don’t have any pricing details at present. Else is in discussions with several distributors, but cannot reveal any details as of yet. However the tentative retail launch is planned for early Q2, 2009.”

Emblaze Mobile chief executive Amir Kupervas said: “The first Else presents a new category in mobile devices. It is not a feature phone or smartphone or an ‘all-in-one’ phone, but ‘all-for-one’. All the applications are designed to serve users in the best way possible.

“We believe the first Else has the potential to become a real game-changer for the global mobile device market.”

Emblaze was the main shareholder in distributor European Telecom, which folded in 2007 after it failed to find a replacement investor for Emblaze upon its withdrawal.