Dealer co-op idea debated


Plans are underway to establish a dealer co-operative group, through which independent dealers can utilise a common brand to strengthen the channel in the face of growing network and retail competition.

The idea is that of industry veteran Frank Masson (pictured), who called for interest in the Mobile News Speakers Corner column in October.

Masson, formerly of Advantage Cellular and European Telecom, has since received feedback from around six independent dealer representatives, with whom he has discussed future meetings to generate ideas for how the group can be formed.

Said Masson: “I want to have several conversations with them and see what can be done. I want to do this actively, not passively.

“Dealers are going to have to leave their egos at the doorstep and be part of a bigger thing if they want to survive.”

He added that the idea for the group was in its very early stages and would take some months to come to fruition.

Among the dealers Masson met with were Nick Lea from Fone Solutions based in the north east, and Amirul Choudhury of East London-based Chytel Communications.

Choudhury said that while there was no strategy yet, it was important to develop the idea.

“However we unite, it is about the survival of the dealer channel,” he said.

“We need to take initiative to engage various dealers. Many have been more concerned about sustaining their own business than about the wider channel.

“Frank is a very knowledgeable person who I have a lot of respect for. He has worked in various places and has a proven track record.”