MNP on Isle of Man takes 10 min


Mobile customers on the Isle of Man are able to port their numbers between networks within 10 minutes after the region’s network operators recently installed new number porting platforms.

The island’s networks, Manx Telecom, a subsidiary of O2; Sure, a subsidiary of Cable and Wireless; and Wire 9, owned by Cloud9 Mobile Group; allow customers to port numbers from rival networks within minutes, although the official porting time scale is stated as 48 hours, the same as that on mainland UK.

The island’s telecoms infrastructure operates outside of UK regulation. In the UK number porting is also scheduled to take 48 hours, although regulator Ofcom is still in the process of a consultation to determine whether it should be reduced to two hours. All the networks but 3 appear to be against this move.

Manx Telecom mobile network manager Roy Maddrell said: “The porting guidelines agreed between operators on the Isle of Man states two days, however in practice the whole end-to-end process can take minutes, enabling a customer to walk into a Manx Telecom retail outlet with a competitor’s SIM and leave with their number working on a Manx Telecom SIM. 

“The speed of the porting process is a huge difference from other porting services in other jurisdictions. This is a result of working closely with companies like Tekelec, Porting XS, our network and systems suppliers, along with the other operators. This has enabled our own IT and network teams to embed the new porting processes into the existing front office and billing systems. The end result is a seamless intuitive application for our staff and a quality porting experience for our customers.”

A Sure spokesperson said: “Porting timescales are 48 hours but we have ports that go through in 10 minutes. There are only delays due to technical issues or if the donor network is not willing to let the customer port over.”