Dealer Sales Corner: Abica’s CommuniCore UC product


Our unified product and service set, CommuniCore, is designed to deliver on our view of unified comms as the convergence of three traditionally separate communications channels – landline, data and mobile.

CommuniCore combines the best approaches and technologies to enable us to provide a genuinely low cost of ownership product that means SMEs have no on-site overheads and no internal support requirements. In short, they get on with running their businesses.

CommuniCore has proven to be a great success so far and companies have been quick to recognise both the business value and the economic benefit of moving to a unified communications platform and getting away from the complexity of managing multiple contracts and multiple suppliers for their communications. It is not always possible to bring everything together all at once, but in our experience once a customer has put one communication channel on CommuniCore the others follow naturally.

We provide £200 upfront commission per seat and up to 20 per cent ongoing revenue. We are opening up our reseller programme on a national basis. Our reseller programme is both comprehensive and generous in terms of the remuneration structure with a well defined set of sales and marketing support collateral.