Planet Of The Apps: Handy apps that let a device do more


‘Rekoop’ time and money

Rekoop’s software for BlackBerry allows professionals to keep track of work they do for individual clients and produce relevant invoices, expense sheets and time analysis reports.

Users can measure their financial value to their clients accurately, whether they work on fixed fees, time based billing or both.

The Rekoop software asks its user if they wish to capture the time for phone calls and emails along with other tasks performed for a client. Attendance at scheduled and unscheduled events can also be recorded.

Rekoop creates dropdown menus of projects, deals and tasks a user is working on, including client details, name, reference and description. Users can also use shortcut keys, set minimum time thresholds for short tasks that the user does not wish to record. Total earnings can be calculated for the past week, month, quarter or year.

Turn your iPhone into a mobile cinema

X-OOM Software’s ‘Movies on iPhone & iPod 3’ package enables users to turn their iPhone or iPod into a mini mobile cinema to watch films and TV programmes from any location.

The software recognises all standard video formats and converts them to the optimum screen resolution. Users can rip DVDs direct to the portable format. The software supports the conversion of footage from YouTube. Users can also record and transfer any web-based TV content to the mobile format. However, the software will not copy content from copy-protected sources.

The software also allows photographs to be displayed in a slideshow. Users can build a comprehensive media collection on their device, displaying files in order of name and format for ease of access. It is priced at £29.99.

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Connect colleagues with Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter is a new secure enterprise collaboration application and social network platform.

It takes consumer social networking models, such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, and brings them to corporate level, allowing company staff members to collaborate in real time with a secure, private social network for their business. Content, applications and people have profiles, feeds and groups.

Salesforce Chatter claims it expands employee networks and increases productivity. Status updates keep colleagues informed of what particular project a user is working on. Content and application feeds notify users when new software and content such as company or client reports are available. Salesforce Chatter will be available via PCs and on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or iPhone devices next summer. It is priced at €648 per year or €54 per month.

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Enhance mobile email access with NotifySync

Online business service provider London Web has released a new SME email solution, NotifySync 4.7, which provides enhanced features to improve business mobility across BlackBerry devices in a cost effective manner.

NotifySync allows a BlackBerry to fully synchronise against any compatible email server. The list of platforms includes Axigen, CommuniGate Pro, Exchange (2003 – 2010), Google, Ipswitch IMail, Kerio, Scalix,and Zimbra.

NotifySync works over a TCP, BIS, or Wi-Fi connection. NotifySync 4.7 offers full email folder and contact synching, auto spell check, security encryption and remote wipe facility. The download process is completed in less than two minutes and the service can be configured in less than 10 minutes.

The solution is priced at £99 plus £25 per year from year two onwards.

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