Speakers’ Corner: Accessorise revenue


Growth, in our case, has been achieved by winning new business. How? By championing new accessories. And why wouldn’t we do that? It’s an easy debate to win.

Mobile accessories are full of great margin potential for retailers and e-tailers alike. They are the deal-clincher, the contract winner and they are also the business retention tool. Moreover they deliver the enjoyment factor from the hardware – be it mobile phone, iPod or laptop.

The key to achieving business success with accessories is straightforward and will work for any type of business. There are many ways of using accessories to boost sales, including “when bought with” offers, bundling accessories in-box or bundling vouchers for accessories in-box.

It’s all about understanding. Businesses should ensure they understand their own brand values and choose the right product for the market (and the brand), consider their customers’ motivations for purchase, plus the price and the timing must be right.

It is essential to ensure that deals are not duplicated across retailers and are carefully targeted to maximise appeal. But strong volume deals for customers are important at the same time.

For some, the handset offers are the same across the networks, so this is a real reason to add value with accessories. This is the point of difference for the customer – why they should buy from you and not another network or retailer.

Successful added-value sales match the brand values of the retailer with the aspirations of the customer and the benefits can mean that you can maximise both sales and margin earned.

Full article in Mobile News issue 453 (November 30, 2009).

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