Window Shopping: 30/11/09


Carphone Warehouse
The iPhone Christmas campaign kicked off last weekend with lots of TV coverage as well as heaps of posters in Britain’s largest retail window. Enough, in fact, to knock Nokia off the number one spot. Elsewhere, Samsung’s voice is reduced but still resonant with the, now quite dated, Genio campaign.

Phones 4U
Phones 4U puts up its Christmas decorations this weekend with four main manufacturer messages. Apple uses its ‘What Every Pocket Wants’ campaign. Next, Sony Ericsson uses its low-tier arsenal to attract and entice the feminine amongst us with a ‘Bag a stylish prize with every pink Sony Ericsson’ come-on.

Samsung maintains its vice-like grip in Vodafone stores with the Samsung Tocco Lite prominently displayed. The LG Viewty Lite bursts back into high street stores with a £100 gift tag next to it. This is the first time we’ve seen LG anywhere in windows for the last two weeks. The Vodafone 541 Touch is available for £40 which begs the question, who will pay all that money for a Palm Pre at O2?

Palm keeps up its attempt at store dominance but still Samsung converts footfall.  The Pre is available for free on a 24-month contract which will cost £822.24 over time. This is not as competitive as the new iPhone product in Orange stores. Online, O2 offers an exclusive with a free three-month trial Sky Sports and Sky News package.

After the weekend when Orange announced they had sold 30,000 iPhones in the first 24 hours – this was the weekend when Samsung struck back with a pyrrhic victory, in-store. The low-budget £30 Samsung C3050 is free with a pair of Skullcandy headphones. The iPhone goes out for £30 a month.

BlackBerry juices it up in T-Mobile stores this weekend with the new, accessible Curve product. Nokia uses the 2730 and 5800 to boost its voice while Samsung relies on the Tocco Lite and the Genio Touch to boost its voice.

Tier two products adorn the window space in 3 stores this weekend, with the INQ Mini 3G offered for under £50.  Elsewhere, the ZTE F102 is £29.99 on prepay, with free Windows Live Messenger inside.