T-Mobile launches Android tool


T-Mobile has launched shareAnywhere, an application on the Android platform aimed at helping businesses share information about their products and services with customers and colleagues.

The application allows users to present a series of images to customers, colleagues and prospects on their Android phone. Mobile workers can synchronise the presentations on the phone with a central web repository (www.share-anywhere.com), which can be controlled and updated by anyone in the office, ensuring the worker is using the latest images and files when in the field.

The service was developed following a focus group between T-Mobile and a number of small business customers discussing which applications would make a significant difference to their working lives.

T-Mobile UK head of business marketing Max Taylor said: “We have developed an information sharing tool which will help our small business customers to make the most of their Android phones and drive productivity benefits when on the move. It’s just one example of how small businesses can put Android applications to good use promoting their goods and services and we’d encourage everyone to explore the potential of the growing number of Android applications.”

The shareAnywhere application will be available free for download onto any Android device. Users interested in downloading the service can visit www.share-anywhere.co.uk for more information.