Rivals admit iPhone’s supremacy


RIM and Microsoft admitted this month they are playing catch-up in the market with iPhone vendor Apple.

In a Q&A session at the ‘Connect!’ technology summit in London recently, hosted by service provider Azzurri for its partners, Microsoft UK head of mobility Phil Moore (pictured at the event) said Apple entered the market in 2007 with a fresh approach that holds sway in the consumer market still.

“We’re still playing catch-up. When Apple came on to the scene a couple of years ago, it threw away the rulebook and reinvented it. We unfortunately don’t have that luxury. It’s true, Apple caught us all napping. It launched something that was very iconic, new and unseen with a very good user interface.”

He suggested Windows Mobile 7 will redress the balance. “It has been put back until late next year but it is definitely coming. You’re going to see a lot more on Windows Mobile 7. Giving the enterprise users and consumers what they want will be part of Windows Mobile 7. You’ll get flexibility on a much easier touch UI.”

Meanwhile, RIM director of solutions and alliances marketing EMEA Rory O’Neill said: “If you look at the manufacturers that are doing well in this market, it’s the ones that have a fully integrated system between hardware, software and network services.

“What Apple has done successfully is accelerate the importance of the smartphone compared to just the mobile. People are making decisions on what they want their phone to be and Apple has enabled the enterprise market to see what’s possible. Apple has been a catalyst for us all in understanding the phone as a platform can deliver and enable people to do what they want.”