Cisco consolidates UC tools


Cisco has consolidated its unified communications tools following its purchase of PostPath and Jabber in 2008 and WebEx in 2007. Cisco has since launched TelePresence Directory, Media Engine, Unified Communications (UC) system 8.0 and Cisco WebEx Mail.

TelePresence is a hosted directory of organisations and people with access to TelePresence. It has a virtual assistant to schedule meetings. Media Engine provides users with high-definition voice and built-in security. UC 8.0 is an upgrade to Cisco’s UC offer combining IP telephony, messaging, conferencing, customer care, and mobility and Cisco WebEx Mail is a business-grade, hosted email.

UC 8.0 is available for resellers to sell on now, while other products are to be launched next year.

Cisco has also launched a security application for the Apple iPhone, Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) to Go. The application enables users to remotely check activity on business networks, and highlights if any firewall has been breached. Threats from viruses are alerted to the iPhone user. The application is available for free through iTunes or the App Store.