Mainline offers Christmas bonus


Mainline is offering its dealers a £30 bonus for every new Business Everywhere connection made until the end of the year.

The distributor will pay its dealers to additional bonus on top of usual commissions until December 31, which includes ongoing revenue throughout the life of the contract.

All new customers signing up to an 18 or 24-month Business Everywhere Unlimited package will get the first three months of the contract free. Dealers can also earn points for Mainline’s 3G Grand Prix incentive, which could see them winning prizes such as a Formula 1 driving experience and weekend in Monaco.

Mainline director of dealer sales Gail Hollinshead (pictured) said: “Christmas is a busy trading period. Mainline works in synergy with its dealers to put together the best possible product offerings for customers. With the additional £30 Business Everywhere bonus, dealers can also benefit themselves by maximising their margins right up until the New Year.”