O2 expands its Joined Up offer


O2 is to expand its Joined Up service next year by including broadband and the ability to add DDI numbers to Mobile Landline.

From January, O2 will update its Mobile Landline service, which allows businesses to set up a virtual landline number through a mobile, to allow the porting of multiple DDI (direct dialing inward) numbers for the first time.

The service will allow dealers who have a fixed number set up through Mobile Landline to allow staff extension numbers and the ability to receive calls through a single number rather than have them directed through a switchboard.

O2 also revealed in April it will launch a new fixed line broadband service as part of its Joined Up services packages. Details have not yet been announced, but the proposition is expected to be more competitive than O2’s current B2B broadband offering and use BT.

Meanwhile, Avenir is targeting sales of Joined Up by offering attractive commission until Christmas. Avenir is offering dealers £30 for every new fixed line number connected to a two-year deal until the end of December. Avenir has been offering the deal through November, including an additional £300 for every 10 fixed line connections, bringing commission to £600. Dealers will also receive an ongoing revenue of seven per cent each month of the customer spend.

In addition, Avenir is also offering £300 extra commission on O2 and Orange when connecting 10 numbers. Avenir is continuing to offer a £50 bonus for re-signing customers taking BlackBerry or Business Certainty for the first time.