Dealer Sales Corner: Lone Worker Protection


Our ‘code5’ lone worker protection is easy to sell, implement and manage. It is suitable for anyone with a mobile device who requires the ability to manage risk at work and summon help in an emergency situation.

With a minimal connection fee and monthly monitoring charge, virtually any smartphone can be enabled. The solution automatically contacts emergency services and automatically records incidents, records of which could be used in court.

A speed dial is set up on the device, usually on the ‘5’ key. The software also connects to SitexOrbis’ alarm resolution centre which is security accredited and staffed with operators trained to assess elements of data available and react accordingly to resolve the emergency for the user.

There are eight million individuals in the UK who conduct their work on their own, so there is a large customer base to tap into. Also, health and safety legislation and the Corporate Manslaughter Act are both driving awareness within all organisations that employee lone workers must be protected.

Typical users include parking attendants, community and healthcare workers, shop assistants, security staff, transport workers, engineers, delivery drivers, out-of-hours workers and many more.

We provide training and sales support including a web-based portal through which business partners can educate, connect and manage their customers lone worker solutions.

Customers can pay as little as £1 a week for code5 protection. Many opt for the premium all-inclusive package with some choosing specific devices for their applications. Partners receive 30 per cent of revenue for the lifetime of the customer. Our partners place high value on being different and improving retention rates by offering ‘sticky’ products like code5.

Since our business partner package launched last month we have received incredible interest from within the mobile business sector.