Mobile market report: Spain


As a leading, if troubled, economy in Western Europe, it should be no surprise that the mobile brands on the Spanish high street are so familiar to UK market watchers.

Leading network operators rank in name and customer base like their British counterparts: Spain’s own Telefónica, parent of UK-number one O2, has a 44 per cent share of the market with its Movistar brand; UK-based provider Vodafone is second with 31 per cent and France Telecom’s Orange brand is third with 21 per cent of the Spanish vote.

Yoigo, the country’s number four, joined the fray in 2006 and operates like 3 in the UK.

Their brands are emblazoned across the signage of an expanding retail estate.

Their branding is also significant in dealer shops, which tend to run as network-franchises or at least work closely with certain network partners only.

Like the UK, dealers tend towards secondary towns and big multiple retailers and network stores often appearing back-to-back on main shopping streets.

Among dealers, French company Avenir is significant in Spain. Unlike its UK operation, it runs a sizeable retail estate on the continent, instead of an airtime distribution house.

Its ‘Internity’ brand is the biggest network-exclusive dealer chain in Spain with 180 shops, which sell Vodafone alongside a number of its own accessories lines.

Other significant dealer brands include Urende (selling Vodafone), Correos (selling Telefónica Movistar) and Mobyme Telefonia (selling Vodafone).

Behind the scenes, the brands are familiar also: Brightstar, Brightpoint, Strax and 20:20 Mobile, all supplying hardware to both retail and B2B sellers.

Carphone Warehouse’s European brand The Phone House is rolling out at pace and has 400 outlets selling Telefónica Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo.

Full article in Mobile News issue 451 (November 2, 2009).

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