Samsung takes Nokia’s top spot


Samsung has had a sustained tilt at the UK number one spot with a 30 per cent share of the UK market over two months. It has taken Nokia’s leadership position in the UK during the period, and holds it off approaching the last two shopping weeks of 2009.

Samsung has run as number two to Nokia in the market in the year to date. Nokia has dropped prices significantly in the past weeks, and in-store marketing in high street independent and network retailers has ramped up.

Samsung UK and Ireland vice president Mark Mitchinson said: “It’s only natural for some companies to instigate a price-led offensive but
it’s short-sighted and not sustainable. We have clearly proven that proposition-led marketing campaigns, such as ‘Genio Touch’ works for everyone in the value chain and this will continue to be our strategy.

“Samsung’s brand presence and loyalty has increased dramatically over the past year. Our approach , product mix and reliability continues to resonate with customers and consumers alike.”

He added: “We recognise and appreciate the support we’ve had from customers. But this is not the time to break open the champagne. There is more we want to accomplish in the New Year.”

Mitchinson said 25 per cent of Samsung netbook sales are coming through the mobile channel, a “significant” increase.

He also said Samsung will focus on the smartphone market next year, with the launch of a range of new devices on different operating systems.

“Next year will really see us increase awareness and sales of Samsung smartphones,” said Mitchinson. Despite software issues with its headline Satio and Aino, which forced retailers Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U to pull the Satio from shelves at the end of last month and squeezed
sales, Sony Ericsson has held off LG as UK number three.

Sony Ericsson released new software updates for the Satio and Aino last week. Sony Ericsson senior marketing manager Richard Dorman said: “We’ve a reputation and a job to do. The feedback we’ve received has made everyone take notice. We will learn from the Satio experience and implement improvements across the business.

“We don’t launch handsets to market just to have them given back to us again. But it’s important to state none of our network partners pulled the Satio and they’re all encouraging sales. The new software updates have been approved by them all and Phones 4U remains happy with sales.”