BT top broadband provider in UK


BT Broadband is the first UK internet provider to obtain five million customers, positioning it as the number one broadband provider in the country.

BT’s five millionth customer, Elizabeth Patterson of East Kilbride, Glasgow won a luxury trip to Vancouver to watch the Winter Olympics, including the closing ceremony.

Broadband is now available at telephone exchanges serving 99 per cent of the UK population. BT is spending £1.5 billion to deploy a fibre optic network for 10 million homes by 2012.

BT consumer division managing director John Petter said: “We are thrilled to have passed the five million mark and it’s now full speed ahead for six million.

“Broadband has the ability to transform people’s lives and the fact that we are still showing strong take-up when there are more than 14million ADSL broadband customers in the UK is testament to the unique benefits of being connected.

“The UK’s intensely competitive market for broadband has meant that UK customers have enjoyed superb innovation and low prices. There is more to come, as we believe bringing the content of things like iPlayer and ITV Player to the TV set via broadband is going to have a transformational effect when we launch Project Canvas with our partners next year.”